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What is DIY here at
Market Flowers?

Market Flowers gives you the unique opportunity to purchase and create your own floral arrangements for your wedding or event. You can choose to use our facility to design and store your bouquets, or you can take your bulk flowers with you to create them at another location.


Want to DIY?

1) Carefully read our website.  We do not charge for the use of our space, but ask that you read though our DIY Program Information and our FAQs prior to coming in. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email or call us!

2) Stop in and check us out.  Stop in any time we are open to check out our flower selection and workspace. We are also here to visit with you informally and answer your questions.

3) Reserve your spot.  Ready to DIY? If you wish to use our facility to design and store your arrangements, we require a reservation. The DIY tables are available any time during our open hours. The DIY table is yours the whole time we are open that day. Space is limted. Please call, email, or stop in to make your reservation.

4) Buy your flowers.  We always have a great selection of flowers available in our cooler. Most groups pre-book some flowers and then shop our coolers to supplement. Check out our pre-book list for availability and pricing. Pre-books can be placed up to two weeks prior to your event, in person or by phone.

5) Design and store.  If you have reserved a spot, again please read through our DIY Program Information and DIY Supply Checklist prior to coming in to design your bouquets. Your designed bouquets should be hydrated, packed well, and can be stored in our cooler until the day of your event.

6) Pick up your flowers.  If you have pre-booked your flowers, just want to stop in to choose from our in-stock selection, or if you have DIY arrangements stored in our cooler, you can pick up any time during our open hours.